Monday, 6 July 2015

Apprenticeships - the future of your business?

Apprenticeships – the future of your business?
As the new government comes into power they pledge to create 3 million new Apprenticeships over the next five years, it’s now time to consider where an Apprentice could fit into your business. Gone are the days of Apprenticeships only existing in carpentry, plumbing and hairdressing. The market is now open to digital, leisure management, veterinary nursing, HR and many more. With 1,500 job roles available in over 170 industries it’s hard to find a business that couldn’t find a suitable Apprentice.

Some argue Apprentices are young, unprepared and not work ready. We counter that argument - you can become an Apprentice at any age! Apprentices bring an enthusiastic attitude, new ideas and an enquiring approach. They may come with experience from the world of work and propose new ways of working; they may be fresh out of education and have skills you didn’t even know existed.
Reports from the Skills Funding Agency (SFA) state that 71% of Apprentices stay with the same employer once their course is finished and 79% of Apprentices report their career prospects have been improved due to an employer giving them the opportunity to take part in an Apprenticeship, it’s difficult to see why an employer wouldn’t consider this route. These statistics are positive and promising for our Economy and the real benefit lies in how an Apprentice can carry your business forward, into the future.
Employing an Apprentice is succession planning at its best – it’s about growing your own.

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